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December 17, 2013
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The Victory of Kursk - 1943 by EduardoLeon The Victory of Kursk - 1943 by EduardoLeon
Soviets celebrate the hard and bloody victory at Kursk, one of the most important battles (or perhaps the most important) of the Second World War.

The Battle of Kursk (05-23 July 1943) remains as the largest tank battle of all time. Nearly 5,128 Soviet tanks faced 2,928 German tanks. The battle also includes the largest number of aircraft losses in a single day of the war.

In Kursk, the Soviet army showed that stopping the German Blitzkrieg was not impossible. Breaking most of the strong German army, the Soviets managed to take another big step toward victory.

This drawing is a reference to a photo.

A4. I used pencil 6B, 4B and HB.


Soviéticos comemoram a difícil e sangrenta vitória em Kursk, uma das batalhas mais importantes (ou talvez a mais importante) da Segunda Guerra Mundial.

A Batalha de Kursk (05-23 de Julho de 1943) mantém-se como a maior batalha de blindados de todos tempos. Praticamente 5.128 tanques Soviéticos enfrentaram 2.928 tanques alemães. A batalha ainda inclui o maior número de perdas aéreas em um só dia da guerra.

Em Kursk o exército soviético mostrava que parar a Blitzkrieg alemã não era impossível. Esfacelando boa parte do forte exército alemão, conseguiram dar mais um grande passo rumo a vitória.

Esse é um desenho de referência a uma foto.

Folha A4, Lápis 6B, 4B e HB.


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omg. I've loved the original. you really did a thing, with the drawing. amazing D:
can I ask you a favour? do you still have the original picture? like a link? I saved it, but than the pc died and.. good bye saved data ._.
I love this pic, it's so intense and deep at the same time. love it. you're really good with drawings
guinever87 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
amazing work! normally I don't care about art related to world war II but I saw your work first and was so impressed by the atmosphere of the drawing with the expression of the guy in the front, so many emotions captured in one single work. you did a fantastic job!! Without appropriate words for it...
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